How to become a software tester and start earning from $35 per hour?

Master the in-demand IT profession from scratch and earn from $70,000 upon graduation!
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Nadir Malik, Senior QA Engineer (Exp. 9 years)
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Who is a software tester?
One of the most important steps in software development is testing. Every day, new software products enter the market that are often developed under tight deadlines. Because the product is expected to work efficiently and without bugs, the demand for testers is very high.
appear monthly for testers.
The average salary of a tester is $45 / hour
and every year this figure only grows.
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Easy entry into IT
A huge advantage of the field of IT is the easy entry. The profession of a tester can be mastered much faster than the profession of a programmer — in just 9 weeks and at the same time you receive the same job and growth prospects in interesting international projects.
You will be able to work directly from home and independently build your schedule.
Easy entry into IT
A huge advantage of the field of IT is the easy entry. The profession of a tester can be mastered much faster than the profession of a programmer — in just 9 weeks and at the same time you receive the same job and growth prospects in interesting international projects.
You will be able to work directly from home and independently build your schedule.
You will be able to work right from home so that work will not interfere with household chores and your schedule will be of our own design.

You will master a new in-demand profession and be able to work remotely.
Office workers
You can learn and earn from anywhere in the world.
You will start earning at least $4000 while earning your degree and you will be 2 steps ahead of your peers.

Who is this course suitable for?
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How does training work?
Online lectures
Classes are held in the format of online webinars on weekdays: 1 hour twice a week (online only) Weekends: 2.5 hours on Saturday or Sunday. Professional developers share their practical experience.

After each lesson, you receive homework with detailed feedback from the course experts. Upon completion of each module, you will also create projects that you can immediately include in your portfolio.

You will be accompanied by a whole team of experts and mentors. You can always ask any question and get additional advice and help with training.

We will help you with resume writing, preparing for interviews, we will notify you of interesting job listings and accompany you at all stages of your job search.
Course program
We have the most progressive teaching methodology using Agile Scrum!
Module 1: Introduction to testing.
Testing history. What is SQA and testing Definitions in testing?
Module 2: Development life cycle
Software (SDLC) and testing (STLC) using the Agile Scrum methodology with the Jira tool.

Module 3: Test documentation
Test plans, test cases (Zephyr), checklists, test matrices, defects (Jira), wikis (Confluence).

Module 4: Test classification
Testing pyramid, types of functional and non-functional testing.
Module 5: Web and mobile apps
Architecture, features, layers, overview of the HTTP protocol and basic knowledge of CDN.
Module 6: Introduction to web technologies
HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the capabilities of modern browsers (cookies, DOM, etc.).
Module 7: Continuous integration
Environments, source control systems, CI / CD pipeline (Jenkins), releases and why you need it.
Module 8: Testing
User interface (UI) testing, usability (UX) testing, functional testing.
Module 9: Database testing
Testing using databases (DB): SQL and NoSQL, ETL testing. Practice on a project with MySQL.
Module 10: API testing
API testing: analytics, REST API (Postman), network packet analysis (Charles Proxy, Fiddler). Practice on the project.
Module 11: Introduction to Test Automation
What and Why to Automate, Locators, Practice Using Selenium and Cucumber.

Module 12: Preparing for the interview.
Questions for preparing an interview, how and where to look for a job, personal sessions with a mentor!
Still have questions about the course program?
Do not take our word, join our Webinar and see how it works
with your own eyes!
Principal SDET
Senior QA Analyst
QA Lead
Denis Platonov
Nadir Malik
Alex Goldenberg
Our Team Real Professionals with Real Experience
Top notch QA professional in Test Automation using C# and Java based frameworks with Selenium and Appium. Worked for Toyota, Disney and Hearst.
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer at VRM Mortgage Services with almost 10 years in the industry, have worked with a wide range of companies from startups to multi-billion dollar enterprise organizations.

21.5 years of tech industry experience, automation architect with 4-groups of different languages experience + deep knowledge and experience of CI/CD, DB, etc.

Cornerstone OnDemand - Los Angeles
AgileThought - Tampa, Florida
Disney Streaming Services - New York
What will you get in return?
Achieved results
Web and mobile apps tested

A full development cycle was carried out using the agile Scrum methodology

Database testing performed

Test cases for REST API application written

Automated set of Smoke test cases for
the application

Written resume

Prepared for interviews

Completed trainings with a mentor

Key skills
Knowledge and application of types of testing

Ability to find and create bug reports

Writing test cases and executing them in the
tracking system

Ability to work with development assignments (user stories)

Understanding the architecture of modern applications

All the necessary knowledge for a successful interview
You will receive the necessary tools to master this profession
Java consistently ranks first in the tiobe programming language learning index. You can use it to write auto tests and later to develop on any platform. Java is a great script to start with when learning to program.
GitHub is the largest web service for developer collaboration and project hosting. GitHub is based on the GIT version control system
The most popular version control system that supports most of the others, including the creators of Android, Linux operating systems. The version control system allows you to work on the project code together without worrying about data loss or version conflict.
Test automation platform.
A framework (software library) for working with websites. The most popular web application testing tool that provides browser access to auto tests.
Database management language.
Smart and user-friendly Java developed environment that includes support for the latest technologies and frameworks. Provides productivity tools and is suitable for building commercial, mobile, and web applications.
IntelliJ IDEA
BDD library of steps for test automation. BDD is a development methodology based on the description of user behavior.
Software for deploying and managing applications in supported environments.
HTTP client for testing websites. It can be used to compose and edit simple or complex HTTP requests.
A system that is suitable for installation and project management in a company of any size.
A web service that accelerates the analysis of the results of your work. Reduces the cost of creating and maintaining test automation reporting.
Report Portal
A diploma confirming that you have completed the course will decorate your portfolio and will become an additional asset for employment or in working with contractors.
Software Tester
Feedback from our graduates
Yo! Thanks Evgeny Kim and Test Pro crew to make it happen for me. Basic QA course was the best investment in my entire life! My company wants to promote me to QA Automation Lead now. They have decided to create a new SDET position just because of me - something like TestOps. I wish you had a course on How to negotiate salary raise 😀
Andrew B
QA Automation Engineer, Los Angeles
Hi! I had an interview today in a company. They called me in ONE hour and gave me an offer! I'm so happy! Thank you guys for everything! You are cool! I'm planning to drive to Tampa tomorrow for a meetup to see you in person. Thanks a lot one more time and keep doing what you are doing!
Yana V
QA Analyst, Fort Lauderdale
Thank you Evgeny and Denis for such an amazing, super helpful, and very well-structured course. My favorite thing in this course was the amount of real-life practice and every day control from the teachers. I got 2 offers, and then got my job in 2 weeks. One of the most important aspects getting a job is an interview, so personal Skype calls helped a lot. Thank you again, and I wish you and your students all the best!
Alene N
QA Engineer
I just want to say how thankful I am to meet these guys, especially Evgeny Kim. I was lucky enough to get in touch with them during my job search process, and I immediately received huge support. I received answers for all of my questions before the bootcamp even started. I can honestly say that these guys care and are willing to help you all the way until you find your dream job.
Kate T
QA Automation Engineer, Portland
We came up with the name "Hedgehogs in the fog" for our Scrum team in Test Pro and had Zoom calls every day. It was so helpful - we prepared each other for the interview, answered all questions etc. The result is 9 out of 11 got already hired! Unbelievable! Those two are not on the market yet, so it would be hard for them to get it LOL
Dennis D
Sr QA Engineer, Los Angeles
My first course has just ended. Test Pro is a such an amazing company. They explained everything so well and we had tons of practice with Jira, databases and many other tools. On top of that they host a lot of useful webinars and live meetups - those are not a part of the course but you can watchparticipate on your spare time
QA Analyst, Los Angeles
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Many of our students already work for prominent companies
Do you still have questions?
We have compiled a list of the most popular questions and have provided detailed answers for each of them.
Who is the course for?
This course is for absolute beginners in QA. We will open the door to the world of Information Technology. You will see that you can get started with minimal effort, you don't even need to know any programming languages.
The course sounds good, but what will I really get after completing it?
You will gain knowledge and experience, as well as a competitive resume addition, with which you can find your first job in IT with a salary in the realm of $35- $45 per hour! Additionally, you can increase it in the next year or two by 2x or even 3x. We will help you with this too!
How are the lessons structured?
We give you video theory for independent viewing, and then consolidate the knowledge in practical lessons with an instructor. We will be testing a real project, so you can consider our course not just theory, but real work!
What if I don't like the course?
The first week of training is free. During this week you will get an idea of how the World of Information Technology works and decide whether you want to continue or not.
Do I have to quit my job to study?
No! To successfully complete the course, you only need to study for an hour a day, which can be after or before work. We give only the most important and necessary lessons so that you have time for your job and personal life.
What is the class schedule?
Week days: 1 hour twice a week (online only)

Weekends: 2.5 hours on Saturday or Sunday

Practice: 4.5 hours per week
Theory: a couple of hours per week
Homework: a couple of hours per week
Many of our students are already earning from $4000 while still studying.

We give you the opportunity to learn about the benefits of starting a new profession and understand how promising a new occupational direction can be in our webinar,
Free webinar starts
on April 24, 6:00 PM (PST).

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